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Director's Thoughts: Heather's Personal Reflections about Parenting

Submitted by Heather on Tue, 12/16/2014 - 10:51

The truth is, no matter the amount of expertise, we all struggle from time to time with how best to engage with our children. It can be challenging in the best of times. We wear many hats as adults, we are responsible for so much.

I was contemplating how best to approach my seven year old about cleaning up her room, and this came to me. I decided to share it with you all.

My daughter's room

There are horses on the floor. 

One just gave birth.

figures and dolls stand in a circle.

The parent, the teacher, the manager of schedules, food and order

oversees but also overlooks

the magic and importance of it all

in self-preservation

and focuses on sweeping it all away to tidiness

stacking, moving, sorting, clearing, timing, reminding..

Time speeds up and the moments go with it

A shiny new stable under a Christmas tree long ago

I remember the feeling

time frozen and enlarged

How do I get back to those moments?

There are worlds of characters 

dancing, and playing and working on my daughter's floor

and all I can think of is how to get her to put them all away

Her play is my clutter

I want to play



I hope for all of the families in our program a wonderful winter break and holiday season, and for carefree moments of play with your children that give you joy-filled memories forever.