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Parent Involvement

Transitioning your child into Caterpillar Cottage includes your presence and support.

This is a big transition for both your child and for you.

Here we recognize the importance of a child feeling familiar and comfortable with the environment and teachers before any separation occurs.

Because of this, we ask that parents stay with their child for 2 to 3 preschool days before separating.

This has been a successful approach to easing children into Caterpillar Cottage.

Typically, this is what supports children in feeling at home and secure, making departures much easier.

Each child’s transition is unique and the teachers are here to support your child and communicate with you closely about this process.

There are several ways in which parents get involved in our program. Here are some examples of ways in which parents have contributed:

  • Helping to plant the vegetable garden with the children
  • Helping us maintain/repair our playground and classroom
  • Organizing fundraising events such as an all-family yard sale
  • Arranging a teacher appreciation event or gift for the teachers
  • Coordinating a reunion gathering for current and past students

In addition to these involvement opportunities, we often have coffee/tea in our front garden during drop off times.

These are monthly gatherings that include a parent-ed and support component.

It is a free resource to parents to talk about how to handle various challenges or topics with their child at home.

We have a facilitator, Susan North, who attends; as well as our Director, Heather Malley. Some topics for discussion have included how to address big feelings or ‘tantrums’, how to limit media, sibling rivalry, and how to answer children’s questions about death and dying.

We also offer a Parent Effectiveness Training series and Hand-in-Hand parenting workshops.

Parent-teacher communications happen informally each day at drop off or pick up, we also provide two formal conferences each year and send out periodic narrative updates.

These include some scenarios of play with others. We are trying to paint a picture that allows you a window into your child's experiences.

All parents are also invited to attend our parent and child together field trips that happen twice a year with all families.